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Principal's Message

Dear McBee Elementary Students, Families, and Staff,

It is my distinct honor to serve as the Principal of McBee Elementary School for not only the upcoming 2023-2024 school year, but for years to come!  Everyone in this school community (the students, parents, teachers, staff, and community members) have been so welcoming since my arrival.  One thing I have noticed is that McBee is a very, very special place and there is a true sense of community.  The friendliness and willingness of all school stakeholders to do what is best for our young learners is genuine.

The upcoming 2023-2024 school year is going to be exciting and invigorating as we continue to strive towards educational success!  We are going to embark on this new school year together as we continue to mold and grow our young learners into productive citizens in today’s ever changing world. 

One thing I pride myself on is that I build relationships and provide a positive school environment. I believe that building relationships is the first step in student success.  Our teachers and staff have already built relationships with their fellow educators in the building and we will ensure that we do the same in the coming weeks as we meet our new little Panthers!  It is key that EVERYONE works together and effectively communicates with each other constantly and consistently.  Without clear, constant, and concise communication, we cannot be successful!  This is vital to the success of our students and teachers. Furthermore, there will be many opportunities for you to volunteer and provide support for McBee Elementary School throughout the school year.

Once again, I look forward to serving all of you and please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, or ideas you would like to share.


Mrs. Kristina Butler, Principal

McBee Elementary School

[email protected]

(843) 335-8347