Junior Beta Induction 2016

The 21 6th grade members inducted the new 2016 Junior Beta students, from grades 4-6 on  November 1st. The Junior Beta Club is a national club, which is the largest independent, non-profit educational youth organization in America. The club has helped to prepare today's students to become tomorrow's leaders for the past 80 years. Qualifications for the club include a high academic and moral standard. Students must maintain this high standard in academics, leadership, character, and service. 
The new 4th grade members are: Emma Andrews, John Brody Banasiewicz, Emily Barrineau, Olivia Boyle, Ayla Cole, Christa Conte, Mauricio Cortez, Kyleigh Hendrix, Madison Herrington, Suzanne Jordan, Emma Grace Lankford, Nicholas Morrell, Lucas Morrison, Makayla Moseley, Reagan Newsome, Kendra Olvera, Kaylee O'Neal, DeVarius Ponds, Cade Poole, Cohen Reid, Shaylee Rohner, Taylor Scarborough, Kayleigh Sellards, Corin Sutton, Polly Teal, and Daniel Threatt.

New 5th grade members are: Jazzmyn Blue, Danica Graham, Morgan Griggs, Kierra Hicks, Noah McAteer, Mary McKenzie, Caitlyn Moody, Lindsay Morris, Shawn Price, Landon Rhodes, Mollie Rollings, Kylee Sawyer, Austin Smith, Joseph Spears, Meredith Sprouse, Liam Thompson, Ava Tiller, and Cameron Tiller.

New 6th grade members are: Bethany Poston, Nakoyiss Sweetenburg

The current 6th grade members are: Jamie Alvarado, Mia Boyle, Nyasya Brown, Abby Childers, Brandy Cuellar, Ionika Dease, Kaleb Freeman, Jacob Horton, Richard Horton, Kaley Kitts, Nathan Langjahr, Nicholas Langjahr, Sean LaRock, Landon McAteer, Anna McDaniel, Pacey McKenzie, Roman McKenzie, Winter Memminger, Angel Suarez, Evan Sullivan, and John Tanner.

The club's sponsors are Elizabeth Andrews, 5th grade math and science teacher; Laura Huggins, 4th grade Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher. In addition, to the many teachers/staff members who help throughout the school at different times for different events.